Manager's Message

“God’s goodness is boundless by nature and God desires that we should become sharers of His goodness”. These wise words of Mother Eliswa, the foundress of sisters of the Congregation of Teresian Carmelites (CTC) were proved to be true through her life. Mother Eliswa was a social reformer of her time and she believed education as the true instrument of social transformation. Shalini Convent School, Raigarh is the fruit of her vision to ensure all-encompassing holistic growth of each and every child, meet and beat the expectations of the parents.

I feel, immensely pleased to be the part of this institution in fulfilling the vision of our Foundress Mother Eliswa and thus disseminating the goodness of God around. We, the CTC sisters at Shalini inspired by the charism and spirit of our foundress strive to provide a nurturing, stimulating and child-centered learning environment to all the students at Shalini. We firmly believe that each child is a seed with inborn potentials and when nourished with compassion, competence and character develop roots like a big banyan tree rooted in human values and strong wings like an eagle to soar high in life.

I gratefully acknowledge that the trust and cooperation of the people of Raigarh has enabled the institution to develop from its humble beginning into a centre of holistic learning. We, the sisters along with the people in and around Raigarh thank God for the unique gift of Mother Eliswa. May we all continue to draw inspiration from her for the creation of a safe and secure world that is more just and humane. May her passion for Christ and compassion for humanity guide our lanterns of love and service in illuminating the world around us with the gift of divine light dwelling in us. May we enjoy God’s abundant blessings!

Sr. Metty CTC