Head Boy Message's

I feel proud and privileged to pen down few words on the very outset of the day when I am bestowed upon the responsibilities of the Shalini Brigade.

A leader is not a person to dictate but a person to inspire, to provide an ambience such that the blooming buds would blossom in their complete glory. This would only be achieved by diligent hard work, instilling a sense of discipline and voicing the ideas of fellow mates.

As the Head Boy, I would always strive to promote and uphold the core values and motto of the Alma Mater, thus help my school in achieving its mission of activating catalysts of social transformation and universal fraternity. Before I conclude, I would thank the Management, Principal, and Teachers to find me trustworthy and invest upon me the responsibilities of the School Cabinet.

I further promise to uphold the pristine dignity of the school flag with respect, accountability and accomplish the adorned duties with honesty and dedication.

Thank You

Harsh Chandra
Head Boy