Shalini Convent School

Extracurricular Activities

The years a student spends in the school should enable him/her to acquire sound principles of conduct and action and lay a soild foundation of truth and purposeful living when he/she attains adulthood. Principles of honesty, trust, co-operation, self-reliance, leadership and hard work are inculcated through various school activities. In these activities the student learns to do things himself/herself under the supervision of moderators. In them is given the opportunity to see the practical application of the abstract ideas of give and take that he/she learns in the classroom.

All through the academic year (calendar) the school organizes various competitions like Elocution, Debate, Declamation, Poetry, Poster & Slogan Writing, Creative Writing, Calligraphy, Quiz, Art and Craft, Ikebana, Quilling, Clay Modelling, Salad Dressing, Rakhi Making, Rangoli, Fancy Dress, Singing, Dancing, Skit, Youth Parliament, Junk Funk, Earn While Learn, Social Action, Outreach Programmes etc. Also we allow children to participate the zonal level competitions of curricular activities and sports. We celebrate National Festivals, Religious Festivals, Art & Science Exhibition, Teacher’s Day, Annual Athletic Sports Meet, Annual Day and conduct Seminars, Study Tours and Picnic for students.

The school has a system of hobby clubs which provide ample opportunities to encourage the children to utilize their creative energies and skills and develop their artistic talents in a particular field. The students are free to choose the club of their liking.

The hobby clubs are as follows:

  1. Eco Club
  2. Art Club
  3. Choir Club
  4. Cultural Club
  5. Sports Club
  6. Community Club
  7. IT Club
  8. Literary Club

House System

The Investiture Ceremony is the first formal function of a school where the newly elected and selected members are formally vested with their powers and positions. The setting of the investiture ceremony reflects the importance of commitment. Our students believe in following the steps of Martin Luther King Jr’s message that they are not interested in power for power sake but are interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good.

Association or identification with a group is a common human trait. An attempt to instill a sense of belongingness and healthy competition in students, from their formative years, is the formation of houses. There are four houses – Red (Love), Blue (Peace), Green (Truth) and Yellow (Joy) which vie with each in the sporting and cultural arena. Finally, the house which performs the best is crowned with the trophy of the year.

Morning Assembly

A typical morning at Shalini commences with the assembly, inculcating the value of discipline and decorum in the students. School Prayer, National Pledge, Physical exercise, Uncommon word, Amazing Facts and daily News form a part of everyday Assembly. Student turnout is checked and corrected for their overall grooming. A creative touch to this age-old practice is the conception of the special assembly which encourages students to work as a team with the topic of their choice. They present their exposition by pooling in ideas using speeches, skits, opinion polls, songs, limericks and poetry to convey their understanding of the topic and to create awareness.

Annual Day

One of the most celebrated events of Shalini Convent School, a day filled with entertainment and excitement that rocks the school, a day that provides an excellent platform for the children to unleash their talent. An eclectic mix of melodious songs, unique dance items and enthralling performances are the highlights of the day. The colourful props that are artistically made are a visual treat to the eyes. They add pomp and grandeur to the celebrations.

Annual Day is a day that stays etched in the minds of all who witness it, A glamorous family occasion with parents, staff, students, management personnel and support staff rubbing shoulders unaffected by cadre or position. Under the Shalini umbrella they stand united as a force unshadowed by any controversy, complaint or camouflage. The mantra of the moment is enjoyment, excitement and attachment. Camaraderie and entertainment relax young minds who return with renewed vigour to their academic pursuits.

Seminars For Teachers

Continuously updating oneself is foremost for teachers. The concept of orientation programme emphasizes teachers as agents of socio-economic change and national development and underlines the need to make them skill oriented teachers.

Giving high importance to this concept, the management is making every possible effort in providing opportunities to the teachers to update through various orientation programmes and seminars.

Seminars For Students

Seminars are capable of keeping students updated with the technologies. Seminars provide latest information about the changes happening in the field of science and technology. In order to update their knowledge in various fields of science, road safety etc. seminars are conducted in the school.