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Shalini Convent School is a Catholic Institution managed by the Congregation of Teresian Carmelites (CTC) of Little Flower Province, Neemuch, M.P. It belongs to the Christian Religious Minority, India, governed by Article 30(1) of the Indian Constitution. A tiny mustard seed that was sown on 26th June 2002 under the protective canopy of God and our heavenly patroness St. Teresa of Avila is today spreading it’s boughs with unique blossoms, filling the air with fragrance of…. The Alma Mater feels proud and privileged to owe children of varied culture and traditions. The Shalini family holds firm unity and equality of human beings, God as the Father of all and we as brothers and sisters joined together in heavenly harmony. In the era of materialism and eroding human values, the school stands for academic competence, moral character and compassion for humanity, based on the love of God and sincere commitment to the country. The yeomen service of sisters and staff makes the phrontistery a peaceful site exuding the promise that joy of learning can be best savoured here.

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Message By The Principal


        The time-honoured expression by Glenn C Stewart, “Character is the indispensable  foundation of Talent, Education and Experience”   has never rung more true than during the present times. School is the prime social structure the child encounters, and it provides an excellent opportunity for character building. Character building is a proactive process that positively affects the development … Read more

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